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Opened, running world clock function
Released in 2002
Made in China
Display 1 line × 12 chars, 2 lines × 12 digits, sensetive keyboard and menu line
Batteries 1×CR-2032
Size 7.6×10×1.11 cm
Weight 69 g
Memory 3 KiB
Keyboard sensetive LCD & stylus pen
PC-Sync no
Messages in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portugal

Same model as the Lexibook TM-160.


  • 2×Phone books
  • schedule
  • memo
  • world clock
  • alarm
  • calculator (10-digit)
  • unit conversion
  • 2 games




  1. Closed. This organizer was probably an advert item for the Anson Cie.
  2. Side view. The side round mask was for models featuring a PC-sync function.
  3. Back side. Supremia was the provider of this customized version.
  4. Same electronic card as the Lexibook TM-160 but labelled Stellar

An empty location allows to add a 32 KB or 64 KB memory chip, like in the Lexibook TM-151 and TM-152.

  1. The box
  2. Opened, running the world clock function


Buy: eBay



  • video (in action)
  • emulator
  • article


  • Old Organizers Collection [1][2]
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