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CR2016 Lithium Coin Cell Battery
Brand: Rayovac
Coin Cell
Lithium - Non Rechargeable
1 Year Warranty against defect
This battery is a great replacement battery for key fobs, watches, remote controls and a anything else needing a CR2016. This battery ships from Ventura, Ca and sent out same or next day so you get it fast.

This battery works with the following and a lot more:
Acura SLX 1998
Acura SLX 1999
Audi A4 2005
Audi A4 2006
Audi A4 2007
Audi A4 2008
Audi A6 2005
Audi A6 2006
Audi A6 2007
Audi A6 2008
Audi A8 2005
Audi A8 2006
Audi A8 2007
Audi A8 2008
Audi S8 2005
Audi S8 2006
Audi S8 2007
Audi S8 2008
Battery-Biz B305
Canon FC55S
Casio CV700
Casio DC100
Casio DC1000
Casio DC150
Casio DC150A
Casio DC500
Casio DC700
Casio DC800
Casio ES110
Casio ES115
Casio ES630
Casio ES640
Casio ES650
Casio FM300
Casio LC80
Casio LC950
Casio RC2
Casio RC4
Citizen 280202
Citizen 280204
Citizen 280206
Exell Battery CR2016
Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0103T
Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0104T
Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0303T
Fcc Car Remote Id ABO0603T
Fcc Car Remote Id ELVMT5A
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT10T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT14T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT17T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT4T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT5T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT7T
Fcc Car Remote Id GQ43VT9T
Fcc Car Remote Id HYQWDTC
Fcc Car Remote Id JDRAPSBT
Fuji CR2016
IEC CR2016
Interstate Batteries ALIT0145
Keyless Entry Locks BR2016
Keyless Entry Locks BUICK
Keyless Entry Locks CR2016
Keyless Entry Locks DC2016B
Keyless Entry Locks ECR2016
Maxell 771050
Maxell 771055
Maxell BR2016
Maxell CR2016
Napco Alarms 2600
National Battery BR2016
National Battery CR2016
Neda (National Electr 5000LC
Nicomatic CR2016
Panasonic BR2016
Panasonic CR2016
Panasonic CR2610
Philips CR2016
Puritan-Bennett PB100
Puritan-Bennett PB110
Radio Shack/Tandy 23160
Replacement Battery for Rayovac KECR20161
Rd 5885
Renata CR2016
Rolodex EL3100
Rolodex EL3300
Sanyo CR2016
Seiko SB-T11
Seiko WP1101
Seiko WP1600
Sharp EL6390
Sony CR2016
Stark Batteries SE6107
Sun Battery CR2016
Timex FA
Toshiba T1100 PLUS
Watch Battery
Toy Battery
Car Remote Fob Battery


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