Marksman #2

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Running the home clock function
Released in 2000
Made in China
Display 1 line × 13 chars, 1 line × 12 digits, virtual keyboards
Batteries 1×CR-2032
Size 11.8×8×1.71 cm
Weight 123 g
Memory Unknown
Keyboard Touch screen & stylus pen
PC-Sync no
Messages in English

Same features as a standard text PDA but with a larger display.


  • phone book
  • e-mails & websites book
  • memo
  • world clock
  • calculator (12-digit)
  • dual alarm
  • schedule
  • converter



  1. Display close-up. Emails function.
  2. Profile view, flat stylus pen housing and eject button.
  3. Top and back sides.
  4. Electronic card sticked on the back of the display
  5. In parts. On the display take place a sensitive glass plate and a sensitive plastic film.
  6. Running the home clock function




  • info — memory size and type
  • video (in action)
  • emulator
  • article


  • Old Organizers Collection [1][2]
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