Gin-Tech GB-191

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Released in 2000
Made in China
Display 1 line × 12 chars, 2 lines × 12 digits
Batteries 2×CR-2032 (1 for the keyboard)
Size 7×10.6×1.41 cm
Weight 79 g
Memory 32 KiB
Keyboard Sensitive LCD + stylus pen
PC-Sync serial cable
Messages in English

Complete system with external keyboard and PC-Sync cable and software. Seems to come from the same manufacturer as the Unic Line GB-166.


  • phone book
  • schedule
  • memo
  • notes
  • world clock
  • unit conversion
  • calculator (10-digit)


PDF, English


#ToDo gae des (long) → alt "Electronic card." т.е. детальное описание не нужно, если картинка не показывается

  1. Display close-up
  2. Back side
  3. Comple system with external keyboard and PC-Sync cable
  4. Electronic card. All-in-one controller chip, 32 KB memory and a chip devoted to PC and keyboard communications.
  5. In parts, organizer and keyboard
  6. Running the World clock function


Buy: eBay



  • video (in action)
  • emulator
  • article


  • Old Organizers Collection [1][2]
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