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Running the Black Jack game
Released in 1994
Made in unknown
Display Dual: left: 1 line × 12 chars & 1 line × 12 digits; right: special chars for the games
Batteries 2×CR-2032 (1 for backup)
Size 12.9×8.1×1.51 cm
Weight 102 g
Memory unknown
Keyboard 49 rubber keys & 8 for games
PC-sync no
Messages in Italian2


  • Left display
    • phone book
    • calculator (10-digit)
  • Right display
    • Poker game
    • Black Jack game




: Casino_Data_Bank.jpg alt="Running the Black Jack game"

  1. Unfolded
  2. Side view
  3. Top and back sides
  4. Components and keyboard sides of electronic card. The all-in-one chip controld both LCD displays.
  5. In parts
  6. Running the Black Jack game


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    • year of release (w/ precision)
    • manufacturer
    • memory size
  • manual
  • video (in action)
  • emulator
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